2021 Reset: Activate Biz Success
Envision * Plan * Energise to Manifest Your Dream Clients, Income & Impact in Just 3 Days!

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Hi, I’m Sasha Niala
I am the Spiritual Biz Mechanic, at your service. I help soulpreneurs energetically align their business for the greatest success in income, impact and fulfilment. I am also a naturopath and in the same fashion as I work holistically with the body, I also help you do the same with your business so that you grow and thrive together in all ways under the light of your highest purpose.

As a soulpreneur, you are wired for service. And it is going to be very challenging to do business if you do not heal the deeper wounds that keep you from your highest path and flow of divine abundance and success. I’ve discovered a way to bring the worlds of healing and business together so that the process can once more feel aligned with truth, fun and something to look forward to….and not to dread or despair about or worry that you have take so much time off to heal. 

So, come, let’s hop on board this challenge together and get both you and your business back in the game, locked into your visions and activated with your renewed energy and passion in each step…

Sweet Success Notes

Sasha makes you feel comfortable straight away. Her calming presence is infectious and I enjoyed talking with her about the struggles with  my business. Before the session, I was unsure where my business was heading but after the session, I had way more clarity and I felt encouraged to finally use my healing gifts and integrate my whole self in my business. Her messages came at the right time and she said exactly what I needed to hear. I worked on integrating more of my whole self in the last couple of weeks and I’ve been using more of my healing skills. I would totally recommend this to anyone who is needing guidance in their business and is in need of clarity and focus

Renate Mueller

I have bagged some good paid content writing projects. I feel very good about myself. I sincerely thank you for the Akashic clearing 🙏 It sure is paving the way forward for me. Work from home suits me. And life is shining up. I am sure everything else will also slowly fall into place

Nimita R.

Sasha- this was wonderful- it brought tears to my eyes! So much of what you said was spot on and resonated with me!! The cruise ship and the ocean was the perfect imagery and symbolism! Thank you again, this was really special.

Chelsea McCormick

My favourite part was the meditation and how you guided me through it. I also shifted a lot of energy during the meditation and came out of it feeling more empowered. I think your style would work with almost anyone that is ready and willing to take accountability and move into a place of clarity.

Amanda Lyn

Sasha is amazing – she can help you no matter what level of consciousness you are at, and indeed has helped me no matter if I’ve been in full-blown panic mode or asking more spiritual questions from a calmer place. I really appreciate her assistance, generosity and compassion.


the secret to success lies in the preparation

Over these three days, you will:

  1. GET CLEAR on your GREATEST VISION for 2021 in BRILLIANT COLOUR so that you know where you are heading
  2. GET CLEAR on your GOALS, both short- and long-term so that you set the ball rolling and the Universe working with you like clockwork
  3. GET CONFIDENT in your ability to MANIFEST these visions and goals so that you are guided naturally and easily to your next steps…starting right away!

take 2021 by storm

If you know you are ready for BIG things in Business this year, this Challenge will give you a rock solid foundation to get flying ahead on manifesting those dream clients, income and impact (this is something only paying clients have access to but you get it FREE for these three days)