A 6-Week Course to Reclaim Your Energy to Thrive

so you can stand confidently in your highest vibration as you manifest your sacred visions, attract massive success and impact more lives 


Dear Soul Sister of Love & Light,

I know your Heart is aching and eager to share its Fullest expression of love with your clients while being supported with the money you need.

I know you dream of stepping into the promised lands of your Higher Self not just in your meditations but on solid ground.

I know you crave the energy to just…pursue your dreams and divine downloads with the dedication of a warrior in the face of noise and negativity.


But you’re not quite where you want to be right now.


You struggle with finding consistent passion, resources and energy you need to follow through with your goals.

You have resistance and blocks to uplevelling that combine with your self doubts to make you feel at times like you’re doomed to fall flat on your face in the quest to embody your Higher Self.

And then, just when things were going fine, someone knocks the hot coffee off the table and you lose precious time and energy finding your inner Goddess again- the One that is steadfastly committed to her purpose and stands ready to welcome her tribe with unflinching passion.


Yes, I bet you have some juicy talents and offerings to share with your tribe that will transform their lives on so many levels.

But in your quest to share your delicious magic, you may often feel defeated in being able to give your best to do alll…the….things you need to do.

Because truth be told, you need energy to jumpstart the ignition so you can get to where your heart is calling you to serve.

You can know all the right things, but if there isn’t a steady stream of light running through your chakras, the centres of your energy body, things just don’t ‘click’ as they ought to.

Working with aligning and energising the chakras has turned my life around many a time and it is with joy that I am here to guide you back to your Higher state of being- radiant, abundant and fully LIT & FIRED with purpose.



So….Who Am I and How can I help You? 

I’m Sasha Niala, a Creative Energy Healer, Soul Purpose Guide and Natural Health Practitioner. I have been guiding women along the path of their higher purpose over the last 8 years. I help spiritual solopreneurs to actualise their potential through remembering their gifts, moving past their blockages that keep them stuck and unfulfilled and stepping into their highest soul energy and purpose.

As a healer who walks between two worlds of Spirit and Science, I can guide you along a step-by-step process that will supercharge your energy and move you past self-sabotage into consistent action- sooner rather than later because your tribe is waiting!

Throughout my life, I have learned the ‘hard’ way how important it is to have the energy to activate my purpose. I’ve seen first-hand how low energy can make you lose motivation and feel hopeless in your goals. When energised from within, you become unstoppable in your mission- even if you don’t fully understand your purpose! With more energy, your body will sing to the tune of vitality and better health.
This energy is my birthright and yours.

Are you ready to reclaim yours? Read on below.

Revive! is a 6-week, LIVE, guided course that will walk you through each step to optimal alignment and functioning of your chakras

By the end of this course, you will:

  • feel more energised in your body on multiple levels – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical
  • receive a boost in your vitality and overall health, especially where you are struggling now
  • reignite your passion for your work and build stronger connections with your tribe
  • refresh your commitment to achieving your dreams
  • feel recharged and ready to face the challenges on the road ahead with your full presence

Remember: The more you can be, the more you can serve.

In the course, you will:

  1. discover a step-by-step process to align and energise each of your chakras on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels that you can apply whenever you need in the future and find yourself unmotivated, passionless and in a funk.
  2. discover a method to easily tell where you weakest link lies in the chakra system and how to support it, which you can come back to at anytime to realign and give yourself a boost.
  3. receive the course content in the form of short 15-minute videos each day in a private membership site– altogether 1 hour of listening time per Chakra module of 5 days each.
  4. get activities including worksheets to complete at the end of each video so that you can put the knowledge into practice right away. 
  5. have the support of others like you to keep accountable, on track and motivated in a private Facebook group
  6. have the opportunity to share your progress and revelations in a group coaching call on the 5th day of each Chakra module
  7. get a progress tracker to assess your energy at the start, middle and end so that you can see for yourself the changes you have made. 


This course is for you if you:

  • want to up your game and work mojo
  • love discovering new ways of healing yourself
  • have approximately 2-3 hours each week to dedicate to recharging your energy (radical self-care!)
  • are ready to break through into a new level of YOU
  • are eager to get out there and do your thing with confidence and your unique style
  • want to heal your blocks, move past self-sabotage and get your chakras spinnin’ and groovin’
  • know there is more to what you can do but feel trapped and limited by what you can do with the energy you have
  • can benefit from support to stay on track with your goals and dreams (you know you can go faster with the right people by your side)

This course is not for you if you:

  • don’t have time to commit each week or want a quick fix for your energy blocks and issues (maybe you might prefer the Chakra Block-Buster Meditation Bundle)
  • don’t understand the value of aligning your chakras and think spiritual healing is rubbish
  • are not comfortable sharing your experiences with a group
  • are not committed to stepping up your energy and your health right now
  • think you already know all there is to know about working with the chakras

What’s the Investment?

Regular Price (Nov. 20- Nov. 25): 


Early Bird till November 19:


Bonus FOR ALL: SET OF 7 CHAKRA MEDITATIONS (Value: $33.) – included in course but downloadable via this bonus as a set


Bonus FOR 1st 7 PEOPLE TO ENROL: 1 35-minute PSYCHIC COACHING SESSION (Value: $55.)

If you sign up for the TOTAL 7-Week Transformation to awaken and bring your Soul Gifts into your world, you also get this amazing bonus.

One 40-minute Skype video call to help you navigate the bumps along the road to developing your Soul Gifts. This brings to you support in the form of psychic insights and coaching to keep you motivated and on track when life gets in the way of your bigger soul goals.

How will the course material be delivered?

This is a REAL-TIME course, delivered with reminders to your email and support in a private group.

Here are some of the incredible benefits you get:

Video trainings for each week

For each week, you will have access to short and sweet video training materials. These will give you the inspiration and guidance to unlock your gifts and start using them!

Activities- Worksheet and Journalling

You will be needing a journal/notebook dedicated to this course. There will be short activities interspersed during the week that will require both action and reflection on your both. Allot at least 2 hours a week for viewing the trainings and doing the activities.

Dissolving old blocks & healing wounds

Very often, the past gets in the way when unlocking one’s gifts. In the trainings and activities, you will be guided using meditations, energy & akashic records heal the past so you can move forward more gracefully.

Bringing in the Future

Through a gentle process of envisioning and surrender, you will line yourself up with the highest and happiest you, living your dreams and courageously sharing your most cherished gifts with the world.

Private Facebook Group for Support

Use this group to share your progress and challenges. Receive the support that you may not otherwise have from people around you. If you wish, you can have your own accountability buddy to help keep you on track with the activities.

Group Call At the End of Each Week

In this call, you will get a chance to meet the other members of the group streaming LIVE. You can use this time to ask questions, share experiences and get mini readings with the Soul Purpose Alignment Oracle!

Q&A about the Open the Gifts of your Chakras Course

Q. When does the Course begin?

A. Module 1- Nov 26- Nov 30
Module 2- December 1-5
Module 3- December 6-10
Module 4- December 11-15
Christmas Break
Module 5- Jan 7-11
Module 6- Jan 12-16
Module 7- Jan 17-21

Q. When can I join the Course?

A. You can join from now until November 25. Early bird pricing is until November 18.

A. If you can demonstrate you’ve completed the work in the course and don’t feel satisfied that you’ve gained from it, you can send me an email and I’ll refund you 50% of your investment.
Q. How do I choose which Option(s) I Want?
Q. What other benefits do I get from this course?

  • Full Course members get a Bonus 40-minute reading
  • You get access to a group call for each week where I’ll be doing LIVE mini psychic coaching for all present
  • You get the support of a community of those on a mission to share their gifts with the world- just like you!
  • gentle nudges but also tough love to get moving with sharing your gifts with the world!
How am I so sure you’re going to love this?

Here’s what some of my clients have said about working with me:

Very honest, patient and calm. She comes from an empathic place as she tapped into her abilities to empower me by making me see the bigger picture and understanding my talents. Thank you! 10 stars!


Sasha is amazing. She can help you no matter what level of consciousness you are at…I really appreciated her assistance, generosity and compassion. Highly recommended!


Sasha is incredibly intuitive. You leave a session with her with more clarity, peace of mind and understanding of yourself and your own journey through life…I highly recommend working with Sasha. You need to experience it yourself to see how powerful her work is..

Veronica Acebedo

I had a Soul Purpose Reading from Sasha and I was so happy to have found her. Our interaction was very insightful, as she connected with me and spoke of very relevant matters I was currently dealing with. I did a Skype appointment, so I could see her and how she communicated with me. This allowed me to assess her energy and demeanor as well, which was all great. Her voice and responses were thoughtfully crafted to provide me with a sense of calmness and clarity. She also checks in with me to see how I am progressing, which is very sweet of her. Yes, I would highly recommend her if you are ready to learn your truths from a higher power.

Celeste Gonsalves

(Free Mini Reading) Sasha’s insight was insanely spot on and with a level of detail that was beyond this world for me especially considering it was a one off question. Even though i realised after posting my question that i did it wrongly, the deck is about asking questions around our purpose and talents, i ended up asking a personal life question and she still responded anyway with an answer that was incredibly deep for me (she wouldnt know this but since asking my question there were developments that were very scarily similar to what she responded back to me with!

Sasha Niala you’re a great oracle lady and your system is fantastic!


There was a lot of information that gave me a real sense of direction and how to continue moving forward. I also found all my interaction via email or messenger to be very loving and supportive. Nothing was too much trouble. You are a beautiful kind soul Sasha, Thank you.

Renee Van Egmond

I was going nuts over here, feeling all this restless stuff coming up, ready for purging. Sasha helped me get more balanced and also gave me a practical meditation to do that is relevant & helped me ground all this energy. She really tuned in right away; I feel both more stable and lighter.


What’s so unique about this course?

This course is built on the Soul Purpose Alignment system.  It will provide you with balance and support at EACH chakra as you open to your SOUL GIFTS at each level. It brings you holistic healing for your whole body (mind, emotions, spirit and physical body). I mean why follow the vibration of JOY & PASSION, which is UPLIFTING, FUN and POWERFUL!

Newsflash! I can assure you that you have more gifts than you even realise at this time. This is your opportunity to explore and allow them to SUPPORT you and STRENGTHEN your purpose! Break out of limitations of how you see yourself, and claim ALL parts of you, no matter how insignificant they seem. They matter!

                                                                *** Want to pay in Full? Use these links: General Ticket  VIP Ticket
*** Not sure if the program is right for you? Book a Free Clarity Call here                                          

Course Registration closes on Nov 25 and won’t reopen until sometime next year.

Your TRUE gifts await, don’t delay opening them any longer!