The Island Scene:


Listen to the guided meditation below to bring the healing of all aspects of the Root Chakra together.  

When you are finished, complete your self-assessment in the Logbook as we get all hands on deck to depart Redwood Island.



Why you're here now:

recover resilience and support in the midst of storms


Action Steps:

Listen to your Official Welcome Message above from the Ship Captain. Then download your tools (see the Checkpoint Downloads link above)

1. The Redwood Island Logbook.

2. Vibrational Healing Tools: Use them during this week to align your Root Chakra to all the great work you’ll be doing:

(i) Tuning Track for the Root Chakra–  Recommended to listen to this before starting at each Checkpoint 
(ii) Root Chakra Visual – You can use this as a screensaver, wallpaper or print off and place nearby during this week especially to trigger and feed your subconscious mind with the vibrational light food for your Root Chakra.

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