The Island Scene:


We’re here at Redwood Island! Get ready to feel more grounded, safe, strong and secure on your path in this healing space as you recover your lost ‘treasure’.



Why you're here now:

recover resilience and support in the midst of storms


Action Steps:

Listen to your Official Welcome Message above from the Ship Captain. Then download your tools (see the Checkpoint Downloads link above)

1. The Redwood Island Logbook.

2. Vibrational Healing Tools: Use them during this week to align your Root Chakra to all the great work you’ll be doing:

(i) Tuning Track for the Root Chakra–  Recommended to listen to this before starting at each Checkpoint 
(ii) Root Chakra Visual – You can use this as a screensaver, wallpaper or print off and place nearby during this week especially to trigger and feed your subconscious mind with the vibrational light food for your Root Chakra.

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