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The Island Scene:

This is where you write a quick summary of what this Lesson is all about.

For example: Learn how to research, create and save pre-defined audiences for Facebook to show your ads to, based on location, age, gender, interests, marital status, education, value of home, pages they like, website traffic, existing customer list etc.


Why you're here now:

This is where you write why this lesson is important.

For example: You want to show your ads only to your ideal customers and to see which of your potential ideal customers audiences responds and converts best to your ads, based on their location, age, gender, interests etc. By doing this you can get the best ROI on your ads!ve ads.


Action Steps:

This is where you write the action plan for the Lesson.

For example:

1. Watch the video above and open a Facebook Ads Account if you haven’t already (see instructions in the video).

2. Do some research and get some insights on your ideal customer by using Facebook Audience Insights (you can find it under the TOOLS tab in your Ads Manager after opening a Facebook Ads account if you haven’t already).

3. Define and save in your Ads Manager a few different audiences that fit your ideal customer so you can use them later when you actually create your ads.

4. Head over to the Facebook group and share some of your progress from this module so far!

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